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Recipes, food, wine and life in Central Italy

We'd like to invite you to our blog site. This blog is about authentic Italian food, wine, olive oil and life in the Roman Countryside, written by Guido, an 8th generation Roman with a passion for food. You'll find plenty of recipes, notes about delicious wine and extra virgin olive oil and food-related news, all for your enjoyment and inspiration.

What makes this blog different is its authenticity: it is written in Italy by an Italian, directly from a medieval hilltop village situated in Sabina, a beautiful rural area north of Rome.

Our blog is a good reflection of the Italian cookery classes run by Convivio Rome. Very often, the food that's prepared during our cooking courses is then described in the blog, so you can try the recipes at home. These recipes, as the ones used for our cookery holidays and weekends, are always seasonal and include fresh ingredients and herbs that can easily be found in your own garden.

Guido likes to discuss food-related issues, such us high quality Italian wines and olive oils. He is convinced that food should be sourced as much as possible from local small, independent producers and farmers. This is also the philosophy behind our cooking classes focused on seasonal, fresh, organic Italian food.

Perhaps you can think of our blog as a virtual cookery holiday to Central Italy. Enjoy!

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