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Online Italian Cooking Video Package


  • Learn to cook like an Italian!
  • Master 5 quick traditional Italian recipes
  • Acquire knife skills and cooking tips
  • Eat healthier by using fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • Learn how to combine Italian herbs
  • Learn what vegetables are in season
  • Prepare delicious meals in under 20 minutes

It's wonderful to prepare great Italian food for your friends and family that's authentic, fresh and delicious.

Life is busy and it's hard to think of new recipes that are fast, and made of natural, healthy seasonal ingredients.

This why Chef Guido, who has taught Italian Cooking Classes in his home country, Italy, for many years, has come up with this ‘Authentic Italian Cuisine package’ especially for you.

Buy today and you will quickly master: 5 traditional Italian recipes (1 antipasto, 2 savoury dishes, 1 vegetable dish and 1 dessert) that you will want to include in your day-to-day family meals.

These 5 step-by-step videos are easy-to-follow, suitable for all level cooks, filled with Guido’s cooking tips, tricks and knife skills and come with written recipes and shopping lists, so you have everything to quickly master Guido’s traditional Italian family recipes. Plus we have included Chart of Seasonal Italian Vegetables so you know what’s In Season and when to source your vegetables, like a true Italian!

For this online Italian cooking package, we have selected 5 exclusive recipes that are not included in our face-to-face Italian cooking classes and Italian cooking holidays.

When following Guido's clear instructions, you will soon be able to prepare:

  1. Antipasto - Bruschette
  2. Cacio e Pepe Pasta dish
  3. Baccala alla Romana - Roman salted fish dish
  4. Broccoli - Broccoletti - Sauteed Broccolini
  5. Ciambelle Vino Rosso - Red Wine Biscuits

The sooner you get this package, the faster you will cook like a real Italian!

Let us bring a slice of Italy into your home!

Cooking package

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