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When you get your free 5-minute pasta recipe e-booklet you will: 

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FREE Recipe e-Booklet includes Simple, Fast, Tasty Pasta Dishes Direct from Rome Italy

Traditional pasta sauces can be easy and quick to prepare. Chef Guido's has selected his favourite 5 authentic pasta recipes from Rome, that only take 5 minutes to complete. 

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Your free 5-Minute pasta booklet contains recipes that I learnt from my grandmother as I grew up in Rome. They are delicious, easy and quick to prepare. I often use these same recipes at home when preparing my family meals while living in the beautiful countryside just north of Rome. 

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Chef Guido and the Convivio Rome team

5 min pasta

Comments on Guido's e-booklet:

"These pasta recipes are so simple, I thought you needed more ingredients to make a dish taste so good. I was wrong, these pasta recipes are perfect and my whole family loves them.  Thanks Guido. your e-booklet has made my meal choice so much easier." Cameron P., USA

"I never new that making delicious pasta was so easy and fast!  I learnt how to create pasta dishes that are truly traditional in the city of Rome, Italy! Recipes coming from an 8th generation Roman: you could not get any more authentic than this! They are so easy I have also been cooking them with my grandchildren!"  Debbie and Mark - Toronto, Canada

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Enjoy making these simple classic Roman pasta dishes.

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